Risers & Stages

Stands & Risers

Mitchell has been providing the highest quality stands and risers to municipality and educational facility alike since the late 1940’s. Many of these early products are still in use to this very day. Like everything manufactured here at Mitchell, our products are engineered with integrity and are built to stand up to the rigors of today’s active society.

Maximum Security and Safety

  • Panelam™ Tops made with 3/4-in. select plywood with textured, slip resistant surface
  • Unified steel understructure with 1-3/4-in. – 16 gauge aprons permanently joined by corner stampings
  • Double center aprons welded together for added rigidity & reinforced with steel webs to prevent stress twist
  • Braces have positive compression spring locks that keeps table secure when being used
  • 1.05” steel legs with top crossing tube connected to apron transmitting load from channel to floor
  • Guard Rails have a minimum of two 1-5/16-in. steel uprights with positive clamp to decking

Built To Last

  • Tops edged with 3/4-in. 16 gauge galvanized steel for protecting against bump damage
  • All steel is finished with Black Powder Coat
  • Panelam™ surface and under backer is polyethylene for maximum wear and moisture retardant
  • Robotically welded components form weld joint as strong as parent steel being joined

Platforms in 8-in. height increments from:

  • 8-in. to 48-in.
  • 4-ft. W x 8-ft. L
  • 3-ft. W x 8-ft. L
  • 4-ft. W x 4-ft. L

Stand Accessories:

  • Chair Stops
  • 48-in. L
  • 60-in. L
  • 72-in. L
  • 84-in. L
  • 96-in. L
  • Kwik Fold Stairs 2 Steps to 9 Steps
  • Ramps from 8-in. H to 48-in. H
  • Straight Guard Rail: 3-ft. L to 8-ft. L
  • Angular Guard Rail: 3-ft. L to 8-ft. L
  • 48-in. Tri-Corner
  • Carpeting
  • Skirting


  • Flat Load – 12 Unit Capacity
  • Edge Loading – 12 Unit Capacity

Rectangular Risers:

  • 15-in. W x 96-in. L
  • 33-in. W x 96-in. L
  • 15-33-in. Combined
  • 15-in. Tapered Inserts
  • 33-in. Tapered Inserts

Tapered Risers:

  • 18-in. W x 54-in./60-in. L
  • 18-in. W x 60-in./66-in. L
  • 18-in. W x 66-in./72-in. L
  • 18-in. W x 72-in./78-in. L

Table Top Material Choices

Panelam™ panels are utilized on all stand and riser decks. This is ¾-in. select grade plywood that is surfaced on the traffic side with black textured, slip resistant polyethylene and surfaced on the underside with black smooth polyethylene. This surface provides maximum wearing characteristics and is bonded with exterior grade adhesives.

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