About Mitchell Furniture Systems

For over 120 years, Mitchell has been making metal products in our factories in Wisconsin, employing the best metal fabricators in the country, using the best materials available. Over the decades we’ve made everything from agricultural equipment to playground equipment to cafeteria tables and chairs.

Our commitment to “Made in America” continues to this day, as everything carrying the Mitchell brand is made in our plants located in Fredonia and Milwaukee Wisconsin, by seasoned metal fabricators and assemblers, using the best of both time-honored processes and the latest in robotic welding. Our quality is renowned, and our product designs are a testimonial to best-in-class engineering and design. The result?… Mitchell’s well-earned reputation for robust products and designs that stand the test of time. Products that perform to expectation, safely.

The Mitchell legacy began in Milwaukee in 1896, when William Mitchell pioneered the first of many products for the dairy farming industry, including automatic stalls, pens and stanchions. As his business grew, Mitchell’s metal fabricating expertise led to the development of a variety of steel products for parks and playgrounds throughout the United States.

Beginning in the 1940’s, the company expanded into folding leg tables, followed by choral risers, adjustable height tables and wall mounted table/bench cafeteria systems. Using steel frames and wood tops, these products were something of an innovation in their time, when America was expanding rapidly in the postwar years.

Which brings us to the present. We take great pride in saying “Made In America By Mitchell” . This means our customers get the best tables possible, built with skill and dedication by the men and women within our Wisconsin communities.

All of us thank you for choosing Mitchell.

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