1-3/4” deep, 16 gauge cold rolled steel “U” channels. Load is carried from platform top through channel top flange to top cross tube of leg to floor.

3/4” 16 gauge galvanized steel angle fastened with #10 x 11/16” type A full threaded, steel screws.

Swing Clamps
4 self storing swinging clamps hook inside of channel of adjoining platform forming a positive frame to frame lock, retained by 5/16” thumb screw.

Stamped .050” thick, 8 spot-welds each.

Steel is welded for weld strong as parent steel.

Steel Leg Tube
1.05” O.D. x .073” wall, 45% high-carbon content structural steel. Cross tube on apron flange transmits load from top through channel to floor.

Steel Leg Brace (Not Shown)
(4) 1/4” x 3/4” x 38-1/4” steel braces on end leg and (3) 32” L on center leg fastened with 1/4” solid rivets; AISI C1008 steel.

Brace Bracket
.075” thick brackets fastened with #10 x 11/16” type A screw 1/4” flat-head platform bolt.

Double Mid-Apron
Platform has two separate apron channel assemblies welded together and centered in the middle of platform for added rigidity.

Crutch Tip
Rubber tip covers leg end; .065” thick washer inside tip for strength and non-slip floor contact.

.060” thick gussets with (2) spot welds to web of channel and fastened with (2) #10 x 11/16”, type A full thread hardened screws. Leg Clips: .060” steel.

Unified Structure (Not Listed)
Rigid 1-3/4”x16 gauge box channel frame set 3/4” from edge, extends around perimeter, permanently joined by corner stamp-ings & reinforced with steel webs to prevent stress twist. Mid-channels welded back/back provides stiffening.

3/4” Panelam™ panels are made with select plywood and covered with in black polyethylene (top surface is textured – bottom is smooth) providing great wearing characteristics with a moisture retardant barrier. Panelam is a lightweight overlay bonded with exterior grade adhesive.