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About Mitchell Furniture Systems

For generations Mitchell’s focus has been aimed at designing solutions to real-life needs within the market we serve. Through ingenuity in design and a commitment to craftsmanship Mitchell Furniture Systems is today a valued manufacturer of the specialized furniture market offering solutions for the school cafeteria and classroom, for the office and conference room.

About Mitchell TablesThe Mitchell story began in 1896 when Wm. Mitchell pioneered the first of many products for the sanitary dairy barn industry with the introduction of an innovative Litter Carrier. His patented design was the first of many for the dairy industry which eventually included automatic stalls, pens and stanchions, all manufactured in Milwaukee under the Mitchell “Betterbilt” Brand.

About Mitchell TablesBy 1930 as the depression took its hold on the farm economy the brand evolved with the addition of the “Betterbilt Playground Apparatus” products for the school and municipality. The line included whirls, slides, merry-go-rounds, teeter-totters, a variety of swings and swimming pool slides and ladders.

About Mitchell TablesWith steel production in the 1940’s dedicated to the war effort, Mitchell developed a line of Victory Tables made of wood and marketed under the Fold-O-Leg brand. It was the first table of its kind with a hollow frame for leg storage. With the end of the war steel legs & aprons replaced wood; Fold-O-Leg became the standard.

About Mitchell TablesMitchell has dedicated its innovative design and manufacturing expertise since that time to the specialized furniture market. Storage and use of space always a key concern with educators, in the early 1950’s Mitchell introduced its Wall Mounted System. This was quickly followed with our Fold-O-Leg Stage & Riser Systems and our Saturna adjustable height folding leg table with its distinctive look and leg design.

Today, well over 60 years manufacturing tables and other school equipment products, Mitchell remains dedicated to innovative design and the production of quality, long lasting products for school, municipality and industry.

About Mitchell Tables