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Mobile Tables w/o Seating

Mobile Tables w/o Seating

Fold-N-Roll’s come in a variety of shapes ideal for any cafeteria, church hall, classroom, office, conference or lunch room. Our versatile tables have a recessed leg design enabling seating 360° around the table – no knee obstacles. The adjustable height tables are ADA compliant and are great for crafting.

Consider These Mitchell Mobile Tables Features

fr-6066-c429 oval Mobile Table without Seating


fr-6072-c429 oval Mobile Table without Seating


fr-4872-c429 eliptical Mobile Table without Seating


fr-608-700 ada octagon Mobile Table without Seating


fr-486-700 hexagon Mobile Table without Seating


fr-484-e429 Square Mobile Table without Seating


fr-72r-c429 Round Mobile Table without Seating


fr-60r-c429 60 Round Mobile Table without Seating


fr-48r-e429 Mobile Table without Seating


DUN12 12'-1 in. Rectangular Table

DUN12 12′-1 in.

121 Rectangular Mobile Table without Seating


97-in Rectangular Mobile Table without Seating


24 x 96 Rectangular


  • Seats all the way around the table, no table leg obstructions                                                                                                                   
  • Adjustable height or fixed height
    • Adjustable height: From 22” to 29” or 29″ to 36″
    • Fixed Height: 27” or 29”
    • Width: 30″ (Table – Model DUN and WO) / 48″, 60″,66″, or 72″ (Table – Model FR)
  • Many choices for you:
    • Laminate: Virtually any laminate you want
    • Tabletop: Variety of shapes and sizes to choose from
    • Edging: Mitchell’s DuraEdgeTM top for superior edge protection (Lotz ArmorEdgeTM available)
    • Metal Finish: Chrome or Black
  • ADA compliant versions available

DUN12 12'-1 in. Rectangular Table
fr-608-700 ada octagon Mobile Table without Seating
Fold-N-Roll “400 Series” Tables are available in 27-in. and 29-in. Fixed Height
Fold-N-Roll “700 Series” offers Adjustable Height, either 22-in. to 29-in. or 29-in. to 36-in.

  • ROUND – 48-in., 60-in. and 72-in.
  • OVAL – 60-in. x 66-in. and 60-in. x 72-in.
  • SQUARE – 48-in.
  • HEXAGON – 48-in.
  • OCTAGAN – 60-in
  • ELLIPTICAL – 48-in. x 72-in.
  • RECTANGULAR UNITABLE 30-in.W x 97” L, 30-in.W x 121-in. L, 30-in.W x 145-in. L
  • RECTANGULAR SEMINAR & TRAINING TABLES 24-in. W x 96-in. L or 18-in. W x 96-in. L

Over One Hundred Laminate color choices are available. You may want to choose one color for the table top and another contrasting color for the bench top or have both tops the same color; the choice is yours.

Click here for Other Wilsonart® Color Options

Mitchell wall mount Colors 300

  • Dura-Edge® molding
  • Poly Edge bonded composite

Mitchell Table Edge Treatment

End Leg Finishes Choices

Nickel Chromium

fr-48r-e429 Mobile Table without Seating

Jet Black Powder Coat

Mitchell’s Table and Bench Top Materials are GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality Certified Components.

  • 3/4″ Particle Board Core (Standard)
  • 3/4″ MDF Core (Standard with Poly Edge)
  • 3/4″ Plywood Core
  • Wilsonart® Laminate (Standard)
  • Other laminate manufacturers can be considered
  • Gator-Ply® Green Gator Backer (Standard Backer Board)

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Metal Parts

  • 44-043 3” Caster Assembly (FR Models)
  • 44-035 4” Caster Assembly (WO & DUN Models)

Table Tops w/DuraEdge®

  • 06-½48R ½ 48” Table Top
  • 06-½486 ½” 48” Hexagon Table Top
  • 06-½484 ½” 48” Square Table Top
  • 06-½60R ½ 60” Table Top
  • 06-½608 ½ 60” Octagon Table Top
  • 06-½6066 ½ 60” x 66” Oval Table Top
  • 06-½6072 ½ 60” x 72” Oval Table Top
  • 06-½72R ½ 72” Table Top
  • 06-3072 Table Top 30” W x 72” L (Model #’s WO12 & DUN12)
  • 06-3060 Table Top 30” W x 60” L (Model #’s WO10 & DUN10)
  • 06-3048 Table Top 30” W x 48” L (Model #’s WO8 & DUN8)